Letterpress Workers Fear


A white sheet can also instil fear. The fear of not knowing exactly what to do with it, a divide between staying still and making a move, reflecting the relationship between individual and community. The idea that lies at the root of the Letterpress Workers project, now a regular international event for print designers held in Milan annually, is that graphic design should play an active role in society and therefore also give an account of what drives it. The 2016 event addressed the concept of fear. The book, by means of a collective visual narrative, gathers works emerging from this sodality and explores its social implications, starting from the graphic project, freely inspired by Dutch designer Willem Sandberg, whose human and professional example embodied the very spirit of this event.

L’idea alla base del progetto Letterpress Workers, ormai consueto appuntamento internazionale di designer tipografi che si tiene ogni anno a Milano, è che il graphic design debba svolgere un ruolo attivo all’interno della società e quindi parlare anche delle pulsioni che la attraversano. Nell’edizione del 2016 è stato affrontato il concetto di paura. Il libro, attraverso un racconto visivo corale, raccoglie i lavori frutto di tale sodalizio e ne approfondisce i risvolti socioculturali, a cominciare dal progetto grafico, liberamente ispirato all’opera del designer olandese Willem Sandberg, che con il suo esempio umano e professionale ha incarnato lo spirito stesso di questa edizione del convegno.

Texts by / Testi di Simona Borzacchiello, Claudio Madella, Fabrizio Radaelli
Art direction / Direzione artistica di Claudio Madella
Book design by Fabrizio Radaelli, Giacomo Silva

19 × 22 cm (7.5 × 8.6″)
90 pages / pagine
33 full color illustrations (16 final artworks)
Hard cover (Bodoniana style)
Italian, English edition
ISBN: 978-88-98030-22-4
Available from June / Giugno 2017

In the Press


Letterpress Workers

This initiative was set up in 2012 by Officina Tipografica Novepunti. Since then an international group of print designers from European and American countries have convened in Milan once a year. It is an artist’s residence during which participants, using moveable type and a proof press, tackle a shared theme. The workshop is open to the public in order to introduce letterpress by encouraging visitors and designers to interact. Guided tours for schools, conferences and exhibitions are also contemplated. The final works are then collected to produce a travelling exhibition, accompanied by a book which documents them and explores their link with the assigned theme.