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Franz Kafka by Luca Barcellona Alberi – Limited Edition

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Among the very first literary works by Franz Kafka this telegraphic novel synthetizes a vision of the human condition through the simple similitude between men and trees. In this edition the text has not been set with a typeface but re-written by hand and engraved according to the xilographic technique on linoleum plates.

Luca Barcellona achieves his own personal “performance” of the novel with the tools of writing. The gothic-shaped letters draw an intricate and rough winter landscape, printed on plain white paper with a totally black ink, showing Kafka’s suggestions at the first glimpse.
The necessary attention to read the text force us to concentrate completely on the few words of the short story. Words gain relief, thickness, thanks to the engraver’s sharp blade, and offer a graphic interpretation of the text, without any other visual element, on Rudolf Koch’s paths.

Lazy Dog and Il Buon Tempo in a very special limited edition: 25 copies out of 40, entirely hand printed and bound, all numbered and signed by the author.

Text by Franz Kafka
Original engravings by Luca Barcellona
Afterword by Lucio Passerini
In co-edition with Il Buon Tempo, Milan

25,5 × 18 cm (10 × 7″)
16 pages
Softcover, and case
Italian edition


Luca Barcellona

Luca Barcellona (Milano), born in 1978, is a name that represents a touchstone for the world of modern calligraphy. Working as a graphic designer and freelance calligrapher, letters are the main component of his creations. The aim of his work is to promote coexistence between the manual skill found in antique art forms like calligraphy with the languages and instruments of the digital era. His lettering has been requested by many leading brands in the fashion, clothing, recording and editorial industries (such as Nike, Absolut, Pirelli, Universal, Wall Street English, Carhartt and Mondadori). He has also worked for major museum commissioning bodies and since 2007, Luca has taught calligraphy through the Italian Calligraphy Association. He holds workshops and conferences all over the world, while his artwork has been exhibited in numerous galleries.