The Lonely Ones – New Edition

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Inspired by the late, great cartoonist William Steig and his famous book, The Lonely Ones (which combines Steig’s line-drawn characters with simple lines of dialogue with themselves), photographer Gus Powell has created his own ‘lonely ones’. Quiet yet evocative colour photographs of interiors and landscapes, inhabited by people, animals and inanimate characters.

Each photograph is accompanied by an evocative text, which functions in the opposite way to a caption: each of the 40 images in the book is hidden by the page folded in on itself, on the back of which the sentence is printed. Thus each photograph is revealed one by one by opening the page. “Which way to the convention?” comments the photograph of a butterfly in mid-air.

Lazy Dog publishes this new edition of the book in three languages, enriched in addition to English by translations into Italian and Japanese.

Text and photographs by Gus Powell
Book design by Gus Powell

12.5 × 18.6 cm
90 pages
40 photographs
Isbn 978-88-98030-06-4
First Edition February 2017


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    Early 1980s. From Milan to Marsala, Charles H. Traub composes an ironic and spontaneous portrait of an Italy that today we cannot say whether it really existed. The candid gaze of the American photographer immediately captures the idiosyncrasies of the Bel Paese: laziness, the unbearable and wonderful weight of history, the warm light of the countryside and the vivid light of the sea, the carefree and delightful life of the provinces. Bright blues, reds and yellows engulf the poses and gestures of strangers, transformed into affectionate archetypal caricatures, because Traub has in mind the work of another great master: Federico Fellini.

    On his travels in Italy, it is Luigi Ghirri who is his guide: the two do not speak the same language, but share a form of sincere curiosity for what surrounds them and the ability to observe reality with ever new eyes. So it was that in 2012 Traub recognised a lost magic in the photographs from thirty years earlier and decided to make a series out of them. Published for the first time in 2013, Dolce Via Nova renews the original sequence with a wide selection of previously unpublished photographs, edited by Giulia Zorzi and Francesco Ceccarelli, and transforms the book with a new design by Bunker. An essay by poet Luigi Ballerini and a dialogue with Gus Powell complete the work.

    Texts by Luigi Ballerini, Gus Powell
    Book design Bunker

    21 × 26 cm
    144 pages
    Isbn 978-88-98030-49-1
    First published June 2022

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    1963. Gusmano Cesaretti, 19 years old, a passion for the ‘American dream’, a camera and a one-way ticket to New York. Thus was born the incredible story of ‘The Picture Man’, the man who, from the province of Lucca, without speaking English, landed in the United States, becoming perhaps the most authoritative and direct eye on American subcultures.

    First in Chicago, then in Los Angeles, Gusmano and his camera are one and the same, his eye documenting first-hand the urban subcultures of the time: metropolitan jazz, the beat generation, the East L.A. of the Chicanos, the Mexican mystical experiences. He is in the right place at the right time, a direct and reliable eyewitness, with his raw, instinctive, vibrant and authentic style of so-called street photography, contributing to the genesis of the Western collective imagination. He later worked, as director of photography and image consultant, alongside some of the most influential directors of late 20th century American cinema, such as Michael Mann, Tony Scott and Marc Forster.

    It is a life ‘on film’ that of Gusmano, traced in this book thanks to an interview conducted in 2018 by young photographer and creative director Stefano Lemon, who outlines his human experience and artistic career. 168 pages and 85 photographs, most of which have never been published, recount the stages of an extraordinary journey that began more than fifty years earlier, creating a sort of magical passing of the baton.

    Photographs by Gusmano Cesaretti
    Preface by Jeffrey Deitch, Chaz Bojorquez
    Texts by Stefano Lemon
    Calligraphy by Luca Barcellona
    Book design by Bunker

    17 × 25 cm
    168 pages
    Swiss style paperback
    Isbn 978-88-98030-38-5
    First published November 2021

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    There is more than what meets the eye in Matthew Albanese’s captivating works. From an erupting volcano to a sweeping tornado to the landing on the moon, nothing is quite what it appears to be. Welcome to the extra-ordinary world of Matthew Albanese, where glaciers are not made of ice but of sugar, salt, egg whites, food coloring, flour and light.

    Albanese meticulously fabricates and then photographs small-scale models of complex panoramic vistas, such as wind-blown willows on stormy rivers and raging forest fires, using humble materials including cotton batting, boiled sugar candy, sand, and feathers. By masterly manipulating the scale, depth of field, balance and lighting, he alters the appearance of the materials to create dramatic and emotionally evocative landscapes. This beautifully designed book brings together for the first time all the photographs in the Strange World series, including a new work made especially for the publication. The book features an engaging essay by David Revere McFadden, behind-the-scenes images of the miniature worlds, and insightful text by the artist on the process of his work.

    Tests by Matthew Albanese
    Essay by David Revere McFadden
    Book design Pitis

    22.5 × 28 cm (9 × 11”)
    96 pages
    105 color plates
    Isbn 978-88-98030-03-3

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    «I like the idea of telling stories about surfing, the group of people we put together… That’s what I like most»
    Luca Merli

    “Onde Nostre. Guarda dove ti ho portato” is an exploration of the Italian surf culture through the captivating images and suggestive artworks by a group of surfers, film-makers, photographers and surf personalities.

    The Italian surf scene is captured in wonderful and emotional shots by Giovanni Barberis, Matteo Ferrari and Filippo Maffei who are – together with Luca Merli, film-maker and true soul of Onde Nostre project – involved into the surf world themselves.

    Luca Barcellona, with his unmistakable lettering, contributes to express and transmit the mood of the project starting from the cover.
    The book contains the audio-cd with the soundtrack of the journey told in the pages. The disc – also available as a free download for the purchaser – proposes tracks, some unpublished, taken from the two movies and the episodes produced for the web by Onde Nostre.

    Photographs by Giovanni Barberis, Matteo Ferrari, Filippo Maffei
    Art direction by Luca Merli
    Calligraphy by Luca Barcellona
    Book design by Bunker

    16.5 × 22.5 cm + audio CD
    152 full color pages
    Over 100 photographs
    Silver embossed hardcover
    ISBN 978-88-98030-07-1
    First published June 2015

The Lonely Ones – New Edition


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