Teoria del type design


Teoria del type design (Type Design Theory), the first comprehensive theory of type design, is published in its first Italian edition by Ronzani Editore.

Written by Gerard Unger – a Dutch designer and lecturer internationally recognised as one of the most authoritative exponents of the discipline – and published in its original edition in 2018, the theory immediately established itself as a classic of typographic literature.

The book is divided into 25 short chapters, each addressing a specific aspect of type design, from the relationship to language to styles, from the importance of historical patterns to digital evolution, from legibility to expressiveness. The chapters are accompanied by more than 200 images and practical examples; terminology is clarified by a comprehensive glossary.

The ‘Theory’ will appeal to anyone with a sincere interest in typography; the comprehensiveness of the treatment and the clarity of the exposition make it suitable for a wide audience: from professionals in the field to students of typography and design, to simple enthusiasts of this marvellous art that has been giving shape to our words for more than five centuries.

Published by Ronzani Editore
Preface by Gerry Leonidas and a recollection by Riccardo Olocco

16.5 × 24 cm
252 pages
Dutch hardback
Isbn 978-88-94911-43-5


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    The Printing Office presents a cult of typography and lettering: Dutch Type. First published in 2004 by Jan Middendorp for 010 Publishers, it sold out within a short time. Today, thanks to a crowdfunding campaign, the volume sees the light again in a reprint by Druk Editions.

    Dutch Type is a compendium of Dutch type design that reviews its illustrious history: from its origins, traceable in the calligraphers of the 15th century, to contemporary digital type design, to which almost half of the book is dedicated, enriched by numerous examples and typeface studies.

    The result of extensive research, the volume collects and documents the creation of Dutch letters and typefaces in 320 pages. It is appreciated for its ability to combine rigorous historical-typographical analysis and extremely refined colour illustrations, provoking the pleasure that only typefaces can convey.

    Dutch Type is a must-have volume for students, professionals and lovers of typography, calligraphy and lettering.

    Texts by Jan Middendorp
    Design by Bart de Haas & Peter Verheul

    23 × 28 cm
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    750 illustrations
    Isbn 978-3-9820037-0-2

Teoria del type design