Lost in Strokes



Luca Barcellona is an internationally known calligrapher, whom we are used to knowing for his immediate language, made of sinuous letters that bring calligraphic art into the contemporary world. Lost in Strokes is a publication about the artist’s current work, which, however, differs from the ‘Barcelona world’ we all know.

The book speaks an unprecedented language, on the borderline between asemic writing and painting, which photographs Barcelona’s expressive, stylistic and emotional evolution and his work of very recent times, demonstrating once again how for the author writing represents a dense, meditative, certainly artistic act. Letters for the first time are transformed into urban landscapes that create new pictorial alphabets, skylines start from types, are nourished by writing, but also take their distance from it to become something else, much more complex, as if to summarise the artist’s journey so far.

Certainly “using writing, making writing, and partly overcoming writing itself is an urgent issue in our contemporary times” (Fabiola Naldi), and once again Luca Barcellona positions himself as one of the most interesting artists on the international calligraphy scene, who indeed each time seems to push the boundary of the discipline a little further, trespassing, through an expressive metamorphosis, into contemporary art.

Also available in limited edition: Lost in Strokes – Limited Edition

Texts by Fabiola Naldi and Luca Barcellona
Soundtrack by Dj Craim
Book design by Bunker

21 × 28 cm
48 pages
Gloo bound
Isbn 978-88-98030-46-0
First published February 2022


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    Claudio Rocha and Tony de Marco founded “Tupigrafia” magazine at the beginning of the millennium in São Paulo and have been working on it ever since. They are editorial designers and have always been a reference point for visual artists, communicators, researchers, teachers, calligraphers, street writers and typographers in Brazil. They created “Tupigrafia” because they wanted to have fun with letterforms and stay in touch with like-minded readers, exchanging ideas and experiences on the typographic scene. Their surprising and unconventional magazine has always reflected the state of typographic arts and lettering in Brazil and around the world.

    Now, after more than 20 years and 13 issues only available in Portuguese and almost all out of print, the masters of “Tupigrafia”, Rocha and De Marco, launch the first English-language anthology of the original magazine. A powerful and colourful 208-page volume presenting the vibrant content of “Tupigrafia” for an international audience of lettering and typeface enthusiasts.

    This unpredictable and unmissable anthology will feature some of ‘Tupigrafia’s most inventive and innovative subjects such as, among others, the sign painters known as “abridores de letras”, who work on boats in the Amazon; the Dutch postage stamps created by Gerrit Noordzij, Wim Crouwel, Joost Swarte and others; Fefê Talavera’s wall paintings for the ‘concrete jungle’ of São Paulo; the bizarre wooden typefaces of the Tipoteca Italiana and even the hidden typography of a pencil collection.

    Also available in limited edition: Tupigrafia. 2000–2020 Anthology – Limited edition

    Design and curatorship by Claudio Rocha and Tony de Marco
    Cover title by Luca Barcellona

    15.5 × 22.5 cm
    208 pages with letterpress insert
    Isbn 978-88-98030-41-5
    First published September 2021

  • TYPS_04

    “Luca Barcellona shatters the boundaries as he blends his street sensibility with fine penmanship.”
    — Letter Arts Review

    For Luca Barcellona, Italian graphic designer and calligrapher, letters are the building blocks of his creations. From Carolingian to tags, from the quill to the spray can, Barcellona takes the age-old craft of lettering to new heights with the inventiveness and talent of a contemporary virtuoso. His striking, expressive, and original letterforms and compositions open onto uncharted territory, laying the foundations of a new writing style.

    Take Your Pleasure Seriously (a quote by the designers Charles and Ray Eames) serves as a leitmotif for Barcellona who turned his passion into a way of life, first as a graffiti artist and then as a professional calligrapher. His production spans a broad spectrum from the reproduction of a world globe from 1569 to brand identities, book covers, ad campaigns, and performances.

    This beautifully designed artist book features hundreds of drawings made over the last decade including commissioned work (Carhartt, Dolce & Gabbana, Nike, Red Bull, Universal, etc.), personal projects, performances, and many never-seen-before work. The book will fascinate and inspire anybody who works with letters or is interested in how they look.

    Contributors: Charles “Chaz” Bojórquez legendary urban artist from Los Angeles, began his career in the Chicano scene of the late 1960s and over the years shifted successfully from street to gallery artist; Giovanni De Faccio is a professional calligrapher, typeface designer (his most well-known is Rialto DF), and founding member of the Italian Calligraphic Association. He is internationally renowned for his teaching and dedication to the promotion of calligraphy. He teaches calligraphy and type design at the New Design University in St. Pölten, Austria; Nicola “Dee Mo” Peressoni debuted in the late eighties as an illustrator of European hardcore punk covers, posters, and fanzines, and went on to work in hip hop, becoming a pioneering figure in Italian graffiti and rap. His writing has been published in Max, Rumore, and Rolling Stone Italy.

    Text by Luca Barcellona, Giovanni De Faccio and Nicola “Dee Mo” Peressoni
    Interview by Chaz Bojórquez
    Book design Pitis

    Collector’s Limited Edition of 50 copies
    Each book signed, numbered, and personalized by the artist with the purchaser’s name
    Includes an original work by the artist on cotton paper 16 × 18 cm (6 ¼ × 7”).
    Housed in an embossed clothbound clamshell box
    19 × 27 cm (7 ½ × 10 ½”)
    224 + 32 pages
    Over 400 color plates.
    Clothbound with poster jacket.
    First published November 2012

  •  48,00

    1963. Gusmano Cesaretti, 19 years old, a passion for the ‘American dream’, a camera and a one-way ticket to New York. Thus was born the incredible story of ‘The Picture Man’, the man who, from the province of Lucca, without speaking English, landed in the United States, becoming perhaps the most authoritative and direct eye on American subcultures.

    First in Chicago, then in Los Angeles, Gusmano and his camera are one and the same, his eye documenting first-hand the urban subcultures of the time: metropolitan jazz, the beat generation, the East L.A. of the Chicanos, the Mexican mystical experiences. He is in the right place at the right time, a direct and reliable eyewitness, with his raw, instinctive, vibrant and authentic style of so-called street photography, contributing to the genesis of the Western collective imagination. He later worked, as director of photography and image consultant, alongside some of the most influential directors of late 20th century American cinema, such as Michael Mann, Tony Scott and Marc Forster.

    It is a life ‘on film’ that of Gusmano, traced in this book thanks to an interview conducted in 2018 by young photographer and creative director Stefano Lemon, who outlines his human experience and artistic career. 168 pages and 85 photographs, most of which have never been published, recount the stages of an extraordinary journey that began more than fifty years earlier, creating a sort of magical passing of the baton.

    Photographs by Gusmano Cesaretti
    Preface by Jeffrey Deitch, Chaz Bojorquez
    Texts by Stefano Lemon
    Calligraphy by Luca Barcellona
    Book design by Bunker

    17 × 25 cm
    168 pages
    Swiss style paperback
    Isbn 978-88-98030-38-5
    First published November 2021

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    The bundle includes the paperback edition of the first monograph published on the artist, the poster created for the original publication of the volume and the catalogue of the exhibition «Lost in Strokes», held at the Patricia Amorcida gallery in Milan.




Lost in Strokes