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The line as a metaphor for life

Taking the occasion of our re – edition of «Linea»,a delightful typographic children’s book originally published in 1999, scholar and typographer Alessandro Corubolo pays tribute to Alessandro Zanella, an extraordinary Veronese private printer, publisher, artist and friend.

In memory of Gerrit Noordzij (1931–2022)

Gerrit Noordzij (1931-2022) died exactly one year ago at the age of 90. He was an authority figure in the world of Dutch graphic design, still little known in our country despite the translation of his seminal text, The Stroke: Theory of Writing.

James Clough: Italian Signs / 3

Discovering examples of Art Nouveau letters such as these on the former Fiori hydroelectric power station in Sarzana is a pleasure, given the relative rarity of original signs of this type.


James Clough: Signs / 2

With the disappearance of so many artistic crafts, it is only natural that we return to an appreciation of what was handmade and has survived.

Insegna a Modena: "Caffè"

James Clough: Italian Signs / 1

In order to really appreciate the letters, we show only part of the sign of this historic shop in Modena. Looking at the word “Caffè“ we can enjoy the cheerful, eye-catching movement of that cursive, which is the same for the missing word, “Torrefazione.“