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The Picture Man

It’s an existence full of twists and turns that of Gusmano Cesaretti, a famous Italian photographer naturalized American. We want to retrace a brief part of his story through an interview conducted in 2018 by photographer and creative director Stefano Lemon.

The mannequin watching us

Some reflections by philosopher and professor of Aesthetics Andrea Pinotti, contained in Guido Scarabottolo’s book: «I ragazzi del bazar di Kashan».

Make the invisible visible

An extract from the afterword to the last effort of the famous photographer from Modena Franco Fontana, «Invisible», edited by Lorenzo Respi. In sixty years of his career Fontana has photographed what is not seen, managing to fix through the frame an ‘other’ image that is abstracted from reality, free from the subject portrait.

Ljubov’ Popova – The fotomontage

Ljubov’ Popova, a leading figure in Russian constructivism and a lecturer at Vchutemas, was active in various fields of the project, from visual communication to textile design to set design, always in a revolutionary key.

«Skid Row». Beyond the urban chic

Consider Traub’s photographs as a counterpoint to the ubiquitous standard and clichéd images of the urban life of New York City: pedestrians in Times Square or throngs of commuters in the Great Hall of Grand Central Station.