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A conversation with Lorenzo Mattotti

The interview that Lorenzo Mattotti gave for Artribune on 16 October 2020, answering questions by Elena Arzani. The occasion was the recent inauguration of the exhibition «Patagonia», curated by Melania Gazzotti, which was held at the cultural center Mutty from October 4 to November 5, 2020.

Le lettere di Alfazoo

Design as invention

Alfredo de Santis (1941-1998) defined an entirely personal graphic language, characterised by a continuous intermingling with cinema, painting, drawing, creating graphics with a strong pictorial value.

Jörg Müller in dialogue with Giulia Mirandola

Jörg Müller tells how the idea for the book «Dove c’era un prato» came about, through an unpublished interview with Giulia Mirandola.