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The Billboard Liberation Front Handbook

The Billboard Liberation Front, founded by Jack Napier and Irving Glikk in 1977, devoted itself to altering large billboards, particularly those of major brands such as McDonald’s and Apple, by twisting their message with text or image changes as a form of taking over spaces dominated by commercial communication.

Lettering in cinema

Luca Barcellona analyzes the imaginative lettering used by painters such as Sandro Symeoni or Enrico De Seta. His story jumps from film to film, showing how the application of painting and calligraphy to lettering in cinema constitutes a fascinating discipline.

Ljubov’ Popova – The fotomontage

Ljubov’ Popova, a leading figure in Russian constructivism and a lecturer at Vchutemas, was active in various fields of the project, from visual communication to textile design to set design, always in a revolutionary key.

Armando’s second step

Some remarks by Mario Piazza in the introduction to Armando Milani’s latest volume, Incontri, where the well known designer collects one hundred anecdotes that have marked his creative path.

Le lettere di Alfazoo

Design as invention

Alfredo de Santis (1941-1998) defined an entirely personal graphic language, characterised by a continuous intermingling with cinema, painting, drawing, creating graphics with a strong pictorial value.