Luca Speranzoni

He is a freelance writer and screenwriter. Born in Modena in 1983, he moved to Turin in 2007, where he attended Alessandro Baricco’s Master Holden and graduated in storytelling techniques. Since then he has won numerous competitions, narrating in different languages and in different mediums: film scripts, novels, comics, theatre. His stories use allegory and surreality to explore the human element. He is also currently publishing a novel for Harper & Collins and a comic book miniseries for Panini.

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    The result of 6 years of work, Il bacio della lucertola (The Lizard’s Kiss) is the graphic novel with which Luca Zamoc debuts in the publishing world. The story stems from an intense journey of Zamoc in 2013 through the Thai jungle and creeps into the mind and pen of the author until it becomes today a masterpiece of 96 pages, redrawn three times before arriving at the final form. Everything starts from an accident in the Indonesian jungle: the dramatic fate of the protagonist and his companion will be the pretext for deep existential and spiritual reflections, while in the background reality dialogues with fantasy, opening to the reader imaginative, primordial and visionary scenarios.

    Also in this case it is possible to find the stylistic code of the authors, who are distinguished by the investigation on the relationship between Man, Nature and Mythology. A journey of exploration in an inhospitable and wild place, in which, however, coexist, together with archaeological traces and tropical fauna, singular spiritual connotations. It is in this way that, at the crossroads between nature and culture, the journey through the forest becomes a profound inner journey. The passages are marked by continuous flashbacks full of tension and surprise, where past and present, escape and search, inexorably mix, pushing the protagonist to look for answers on the border between the environment that surrounds him and his interiority. The figurative complex, here rendered with ink drawings, manages to immerse and involve the reader in the shamanic and mysterious atmosphere.

    Aimed at admirers of graphic novels and comics, to discover a new authoritative protagonist.

    Illustrations by Luca Zamoc
    Texts by Luca Speranzoni
    Cover title Luca Barcellona
    Calligraphy Lorenzo Bolzoni
    Book design Bunker

    20,5 × 29 cm
    96 pages
    Isbn 978-88-98030-42-2
    First published October 2021