Ayumi Kudo

Born in 1980 in Okayama, she graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Carrara. She illustrated her unique world views mainly through works combining images and texts, which were published and exhibited in Europe and Japan. She won the 14th Mr. I Development of Rising Artists Prize of Okayama Prefecture in 2021, and was awarded second place at the 2011/2012 San Fedele Arti Visive Prize in Milan; she was selected for the Illustrators Exhibition at the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in 2019 and 2012. She published Le cose in-misurabili (Seigensha, 2018) and Esercizio del bacio (Seigensha, 2021). She has lived in Italy since 2002 with her sculptor husband and her daughter.

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  •  19,00

    “What is a sigh made of?”
    A mother’s sigh is made of worries and tiredness, but the little ones do not know what it is, otherwise they would be… big! What can they do then to make this sigh lighter? And what can daddy do?

    This volume stems from the need to recount in pictures the affection between children and their parents, leaving, as is the artist’s custom, the few words associated with the evocative power of images to communicate to us the profound sense of this relationship. The eleven illustrated plates that make up this work tell of small and essential emotions waiting to be discovered.

    Lazy Dog’s first book for very young children is dedicated to all mothers and the weight they are able to carry on their shoulders, but also to all the families who bend over backwards to share it.

    Text and illustrations by Ayumi Kudo
    Book design Bunker

    24 × 16 cm
    24 pages
    Isbn 978-88-98030-47-7
    First published May 2022