Associazione Calligrafica Italiana

The ACI (Italian Calligraphic Association) was founded in 1991 with the aim of promoting and spreading the art of calligraphy. The Association pursues cultural activities related to handwriting and, in particular, is concerned with the diffusion of the Italian calligraphic tradition, as ancient as it is prestigious. Initially formed by six founding members, ACI has collected over the years more and more members from Italy and abroad, becoming perhaps the most authoritative point of reference in this discipline in the country. What is certain is that its work has contributed in a decisive way to the strong growth of interest in calligraphy and handwriting among an increasingly vast, varied and young public.

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    Test yourself in the art of letters and deepen this ancient and fascinating discipline, through the teachings of the masters of the Italian calligraphy association.

    What could be better than a gallery of images to draw on to hone your style. Luca Barcellona is an internationally renowned calligrapher, «Take Your Pleasure seriously» is his first monograph.

    With «The Trait” Gerrit Nordzij laid the foundations for a fascinating approach to the discipline of the study of letters. The famous Dutch designer elaborates a universal theory of writing that spans centuries, from the first engravings to the most recent computer works.

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    Writing is undoubtedly a leading factor in the development of human civilisation. In Italy, the task of promoting the culture of ‘beautiful writing’ is carried out by the Associazione Calligrafica Italiana (Italian Calligraphic Association) through workshops, specialised courses and various initiatives. After years of neglect, this discipline is now more alive than ever, especially among young people. In response to this growing interest, the Association’s master calligraphers have prepared this new and valuable tool.

    A manual that introduces the basic rules of calligraphy and examines eleven handwriting styles, from classical to contemporary. Each model is edited by a teacher of the Association who is an expert in the respective style. Finally, the last part presents some examples of practical application, created by both ACI members and internationally renowned colleagues and collaborators. The manual is recommended for students, professionals, calligraphy enthusiasts and all those who seek the beauty of handwritten letters.

    Texts and illustrations by the masters of the Italian Calligraphic Association

    21.5 × 30 cm
    104 pages
    Isbn 978-88-98030-31-6
    First published September 2020