Armando Milani

Born in Milan in 1940, Armando Milani is one of the most relevant figures in international graphic design. After studying at the Scuola Umanitaria in Milan under Albe Steiner, he began collaborating with Giulio Confalonieri and Antonio Boggeri. He opened his own studio in Milan in 1970 and moved to New York in 1976 to work with Massimo Vignelli. A few years later he opened his own studio in New York as well. He designs for De Padova, Edison, Roche, Ibm, Olivetti America, Lancia, the Italian Cultural Institute of New York and the United Nations, among others. Since the 2000s he began to devote himself increasingly to social communication, to direct the public’s attention to humanitarian issues of international impact. He has taught and lectured at The Cooper Union and Art Directors Club of New York, the Santo Domingo School of Design, Peking University, Ied and the Politecnico di Milano. He is a member of Agi – Alliance Graphique Internationale and Aiap – Italian Association of Visual Communication Design.

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    One hundred encounters, fortuitous and unexpected, wanted and desired, through which the biography of Armando Milani, the internationally renowned designer, is outlined through anecdotes and images. A sui generis memoir, which the author gives us to capture through flashes, fragments and interweavings the fundamental encounters that most influenced his work and inspired his creative choices. Alongside the story of each encounter we find a photo or work related to the character, in perfect harmony with Milani’s expressive style: to communicate an immediate message, which seduces the eye to reach the heart. 

    Vico Magistretti’s clothes pegs, Jack Nicholson’s cherries, Paul McCartney’s Happy New Year on the beach, Pele’s goals, Muhammad Ali’s handshake, Alberto Sordi’s markets and Umberto Eco’s drunken sailors. Milani dancing with Mariangela Melato and his wife waltzing with Saul Steinberg. 

    What emerges is a mosaic littered with stories, which allows us to go in depth not only into Armando Milani’s biography, but also into the message he wants to give us, which characterises the founding features of his expressive research: ethics, friendship, the desire and the need to communicate are at the basis of his encounters. This is also why his graphic sign is so special, because it goes to the essence of things, becoming indelible and timeless.

    With texts by Mario Piazza, Francesco Dondina and Anty Pansera, and testimonies by Sergio Noberini, Andrea Depretis, Federico di Wardal, Stefano Asili, Federica Marangoni and R. Roger Remington.

    Texts by Armando Milani
    Book design by Armando Milani and Bunker

    13,5 × 21,5 cm
    256 pages
    Paperback with flaps
    Isbn 978-88-98030-60-6
    First published September 2023