Alessandro Zanella

(1955-2012) Artist printer and publisher. Raised in Verona, Zanella was the last heir of the ‘private printers’ active in the city of Verona. Between 1977 and 1982 he was a partner in Plain Wrapper Press and printed together with Richard Gabriel Rummonds, an American intellectual and printer, some fifteen titles. When Rummonds returned home, Zanella continued his private printer business, both printing for himself and as a designer and printer for other publishers. The Ampersand sign, under which Linea is published, first appears in 1990; it covers his own editions as well as the print shop proper. Alongside his publishing and artistic activities, Zanella also taught, holding numerous courses in typography, both privately and at the University of Verona and the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice. He passed away prematurely in Crete in 2012, bequeathing us his refined editions, later exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

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    Line-which can take many directions, flow along winding rivers, fall into the mysterious depths of existence, and then re-emerge and overcome mountains and bodies of water-is a metaphor for life, in the form of a short, intense visual narrative.

    Linea saw the light of day in 1999. Conceived, written, designed and printed by Alessandro Zanella under the Ampersand banner – the publishing house under which he published his own volumes – in sixty copies drawn with the press, dedicated to his daughters Anita and Francesca, as the author himself reveals at the end of the tale.

    A delightful and light edition, symbolic in its narrative, vibrant in its essentiality. Essentiality that is anything but simple: “simplicity is the most complicated thing in the world,” Vico Magistretti reminds us, and indeed this work, so fluid, so clean, is the result of a long gestation and a slow and careful production.

    Today Lazy Dog is pleased and proud to present a new anastatic edition in 499 numbered copies, which traces in every way the first publication, including the two ‘pop-ups’ inside. Only a dust jacket, designed by Bunker, has been added, which together with the introductory text constitute the only interventions not present in the original.

    The intent is to restore intact the spirit that generated this fine volume, ideally destined for the smiles of many more little boys and girls.

    Texts, illustrations and original design by Alessandro Zanella
    Adaptation Paolo Galvani
    Cover Design Bunker
    Printing Trifolio
    16 × 23.8 cm
    32 pages
    Glued Leporello
    Hardback with cloth spine and dust jacket

    Anastatic edition in 499 numbered copies
    Isbn 978-88-98030-67-5
    First edition April 2024