We believe in books. In their physicality, sensuality, authority, and beauty.

We believe in the printing press. The smell of ink and the feel of paper is our true passion. Handling something precious and taking all the time necessary to savor it fills our heart.

We believe in quality, in content, but also in form, style, materials. In our belief, taking care of the details is crucial to creating a memorable sensorial experience.

We believe in projects that offer new prospects, both for small important achievements and for works that have taken an entire life to complete.

We believe the role of a publisher is to valorise the work of a meritorious author, to unearth and influence trends and tastes, rather than cater to them.

In books we trust!


Riccardo Bello

Publisher, administrator, production management and coordination


Art direction, editor and book design

Luca Barcellona

Editor, editorial and art consulting

Nicolò Francesco Bello

Promotion, distribution, events

Who we are

The Independent Publishing House

Established in 2012, Lazy Dog Press is an independent publishing house specialized in visual culture. Our operations are spread across Milan, where the headquarters is located, Verona, housing administration, coordination, and the warehouse, and Modena, where our graphic design studio Bunker works. Our books are meticulously created, designed, and crafted with a focus on quality materials, manufacturing, and, above all, style. Our aim is to achieve an overall quality of the book, both in content selection and form.

The name is derived from the final part of the famous pangram The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This catch phrase contains all the letters of the alphabet and is often used to test fonts or writing devices. Among the protagonists of his vaguely surreal narrative, the figure of the lazy dog is perhaps the most likeable and versatile, the one with whom the group identifies best. The reference to the typographic world is blatant and aims to express the primary vocation of the publishing house, as well as our passion for this language.

Books and exhibitions on visual culture

Lazy Dog is focused on visual culture, exploring text and image in their mutualism. In addition to calligraphy and typography, the catalogue includes volumes and essays on illustration, photography, graphics, design, architecture and visual arts. Our aim is to divulgate books that, due to their quality and composition, foster the maturation of taste, judgement and aesthetic sensitivity. This choice is due to the historical context in which the publishing house was founded, in which images have a central role and a sometimes underestimated impact on the lives of individuals and communities.

In addition to its publishing activities, Lazy Dog curates exhibitions and cultural projects that serve as a complement to the books. Indeed, we intend the book as a vehicle for experiences and relationships in the space of knowledge. If some volumes are created to accompany an exhibition, more often it is the exhibitions or workshops that give substance to the themes covered in books. Our aim is to integrate and mix languages in order to enrich and refine the audience’s experience.

In Books We Trust!

It is our belief that the publication of books on paper reaches its full potential when it means disseminating works made to perfection. Lazy Dog titles must be able to convey the same passion with which they are created and offer the reader vibrant reading experiences. They must generate genuine emotions, stimulate the curiosity of the audience and capture their interest. In short, they must be inspiring. We believe that books can make this possible, as long as they remain themselves, printed on paper and fixed in time.


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    Armando Milani’s Peace Poster, part of a triptych together with the War and React posters, was made in 2004 and adopted by the UN for its 60th anniversary.

    Incontri is a sui generis memoir, which Armando Milani gives us to capture through flashes, fragments and interweavings the fundamental encounters that have most influenced his work and inspired his creative choices

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    With Dolce Via Nova we are in the early 1980s on a journey from Milan to Marsala. The book recounts the journey of Charles H. Traub, guided by Luigi Ghirri, during which the American photographer composed an ironic and spontaneous portrait of an Italy that today we cannot say whether it really existed.

    The Picture Man recounts the ‘film life’ of Gusmano Cesaretti, one of the most authoritative voices of early American street photography. The book traces it thanks to an interview conducted in 2018 by young photographer and creative director Stefano Lemon

    Invisible is a 168-page book with over 100 photographs. It is the restitution of meticulous archive research from which many previously unpublished shots by Franco Fontana, the undisputed master of colour, emerged.

  • Ramonika IT/SI/EN


    The book is on pre-order, shipments will start on 1 July 2024.

    Ramonika is a photographic journey through the enchanting Natisone valleys, a project that speaks of borderlands and centuries-old traditions, entering the intimate depths of this strip of land in Friuli Venezia Giulia bordering Slovenia. In 2023, the Photo dummy won the Bastianelli award for the best self-produced work.

    The title of the project, Ramonika, comes from the word ‘accordion’ in the Benecian dialect, and is the fruit of the joint imagination of photographers Valentina Iaccarino and Pietro Peressutti, who have been frequent visitors to this area for more than a decade. 

    The images in the volume, enriched by a text by Federico Galvani, broken over several pages so that it would become part of the work, proceed with a cadenced rhythm, a metaphor for the breath of the accordion that captures the essence of life on the border. The atmosphere is delicate, poetic and conveys a sense of anticipation and discovery. 

    The reading path moves through landscapes and people, revealing not only the character of the region and its charisma but also the authors’ artistic vision and impressions. This work is a portrait of a community that proudly preserves its traditions and folklore. An immersion in the places of the margin that still vibrate in harmony with the landscape. 

    Photographs by Valentina Iaccarino
    Texts by Federico Galvani
    Project by Valentina Iaccarino and Pietro Peressutti
    Editing and design by Giulia Iacolutti

    20,5 × 26 cm
    140 pages
    Isbn 978-88-98030-88-0
    First published July 2024

  •  230,00

    Éire was born from a survey of the territories of central Ireland carried out in 2021 translated into the language of engraving and art publishing. Inside, the book presents four panoramas depicted with the technique of relief printing on linoleum plates; the four illustrations are accompanied by the name in Irish Gaelic of the places where the artist has travelled, retracing the most important stages of the journey.

    The signs, colours and materials used to compose this artefact bring back the experience of losing oneself in the Irish rural land, captured by the most intimate and analytical method of representation according to the author’s vision. Bernabè uses the meditative gesture of engraving to investigate a rough and hypnotic land with a strong historical and landscape fascination, which has profoundly influenced the author’s artistic research.

    Project curated by Matteo Bernabè
    Artist’s book 23.5 x 23.5 cm
    Single Copy
    Leporello, 10 pages
    Fabriano Rosaspina paper 285 g
    4 prints 8 x 10,5 cm
    Texts embossed in movable type
    Flexible cover with handmade paper
    Hand-framed and screen-printed slipcase