We believe in books. In their physicality, sensuality, authority, and beauty

We believe in the printing press. We like the smell of ink and the feel of paper. We love handling something precious, we love taking all the time necessary to savour it to the full.

We believe in quality, in content, but also in form, style, materials. We take care of the details in order to create a memorable sensorial experience.

We believe in projects that offer new prospects, both for small important achievements and for works that have taken an entire life to complete.

We believe the role of a publisher is to valorise the work of a meritorious author, to unearth and influence trends and tastes, rather than cater to them.

In books we trust!


The Independent Publishing House

Lazy Dog Press was born in Milan, Italy, on a lazy June day in 2012. In addition to Luca Barcellona and Riccardo Bello, the founders are Debbie Bibo, a Californian transplanted to Italy, and designer Massimo Pitis. The latter, author of the logotype and art director of the first three published titles, was succeeded by Francesco Ceccarelli and Frederic Argazzi of the Modena studio Bunker in 2014. They were later joined by Andrea Savoia (2015), who unfortunately passed away suddenly in early 2021, and Sandra Gobbato (2016), owner of the Mutty cultural center in Castiglione delle Stiviere. The business, therefore, is located between Milan, where the registered office is located; Verona, with the administrative, coordination and warehouse offices; and Modena, where the graphic design studio works.

The publisher’s name is derived from the final part of the famous pangram “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog”, a catch phrase that contains the entire alphabet. In its vaguely surreal narrative, among the protagonists the figure of the lazy dog is the most sympathetic and versatile, the one with whom the group identifies best. The reference to the typographic world is blatant. It is meant to express the first vocation of the publishing house and the predilection for this language.

Books on Visual Culture

The publishing house debuts with the monograph dedication to Luca Barcellona, in which written text often becomes image. It is clear from the outset, however, that the subjects and topics of future publications would not be limited to writing, typography, and letterform. Lazy Dog speaks of visual culture tout-court, of text and image in their inevitable mutual contamination. There is ample room, therefore, for illustration, photography, design and visual arts as well.

The books are conceived, designed and produced with sartorial care and special attention to the choice of materials, manufacture and, above all, style. After all, it would make no sense to publish books on paper unless they are artfully crafted and open-minded. Each book is its own project, with no format constraints; there are no series, no rigidly defined categories.

In Books We Trust!

The goal is to pursue an overall quality of the book, as much in content as in form. Lazy Dog books must be able to convey the same passion with which they are created, to offer the reader vibrant reading experiences and generate authentic emotions, to stimulate curiosity and capture interest, to be inspirational. Books can make all this possible, as long as they remain themselves, printed on paper, fixed in time.

Riccardo Bello

Publisher, administrator, production management and coordination


Art direction, editor and book design

Luca Barcellona

Editor, editorial and art consulting

Sandra Gobbato

Editor, editorial consulting


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    The book is on pre-order, shipments will begin on Monday, Feb. 26.

    “Antologia di cultura grafica” is the new series dedicated to the history of visual communication. Edited by Alessandro Colizzi and Silvia Sfligiotti, assisted from time to time by one or more guest editors, the series offers a series of volumes, organized around a theme or era, and includes a rich anthology of texts (articles, essays, chapters, excerpts, posters) translated into Italian and introduced by an essay by the editors.

    “Countercultures,” the second volume, contains twenty-five texts and forty-eight color images on the editorial and communicative production of groups and movements active in the political and artistic spheres that have played an essential, though not always recognized, role in the history of visual communication, giving rise to languages of rupture, bearers of alternative visions of society.

    The selected texts and images testify to the birth and spread of ideas, forms of expression and techniques that have made visible some important countercultural movements since World War II, from Situationist détournement to subvertising, from pacifism to environmentalism, from feminism to gender and ethnic minority claims, from the psychedelic revolution to the sexual revolution, from punk provocations to the visual research of underground magazines and Soviet-era samizdats.

    The resulting picture shows how the practical and theoretical action of countercultures, often addressing issues that are still relevant today for the first time, helped change not only visual languages but the very way of doing graphic art, both in approach and style.

    Antologia di cultura grafica 2
    Edited by Francesco Ciaponi & Silvia Sfligiotti
    Book design Bunker and Alessandro Colizzi
    13,5 × 21,5 cm
    276 pages
    Paperback with flaps
    Isbn 978-88-98030-62-0
    First edition February 2024

  •  35,00

    A great return: A+A: the game of couples.

    How many times have you challenged friends in memory games?
    Finally now you can do it combining elements of modernist typography!

    The package contains a set of 54 cards with all the letters of the alphabet and a liar with the indications of name, typography and place of origin of each single character.  Each paper was printed with a wooden letter preserved from the Anonima Impressori typeface collection!

    Matt coated carat paper 350 gm
    Painting with wooden characters and original friezes.

    Lito-offset printing
    Shiro Echo Favini paper 130 gm

    Print run:
    300 pieces

  •  20,00

    Have fun challenging friends and family with a simple and challenging game, suitable for all ages.

    Many will know it as the classic “names, things and cities” that is now available in this fresh and original graphic design made entirely by Anonima Impressori.

    «Carosello» is a Bellacopia product, a line of craft stationery for incurable lovers of printed paper.

    The box includes an alphabetic wheel with indicator and a block of pre-printed sheets to play right away.
    On the back of the block are the rules of the game in Italian and English.

    Print run:
    500 copies

  •  25,00

    The first issue of the series «Inhabited Alphabets» is entitled Juan in the typographical forest and is illustrated by Massimo Pastore.

    It is a book-poster printed in typography with movable characters from our collection and original illustrations engraved on linoleum by the artist.  Inside you will also find historical-technical information about the movable characters used and a small caption dedicated to the illustration.

    35 x 50 cm
    folded into four parts

    inside – Biotop Next 120 gm
    exterior – Fedrigoni Materica Clay 360 gm

    Typographic printing with movable wooden characters and original 3-colour engravings.

    Graphic Design:
    Massimo Pastore, Anonymous Impressori

    Print run of 300 copies